Savannah Dollhouse

The KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse has been one of the top selling dollhouses for a few years now and this Christmas holiday season has shown to not be any different. What makes the Savannah Dollhouse so popular? For a start, it has been developed by quality toy and children’s furniture manufacturer, KidKraft. Also, the fact that this dollhouse is a truly beautiful one that is well constructed and can provide many hours of imaginative role playing fun.

The Savannah Dollhouse is able to offer children so many options with its clever design. It is a four level Southern style mansion for dolls. Six different rooms are featured, including a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, an attic, a porch and a balcony. Everything that a little girl’s heart could desire has been included in this gorgeous dollhouse.

This dollhouse comes with 14 different pieces of wooden furniture. Most standard sized fashion dolls can fit in this house with ease. So it won’t be long at all before your child has their new doll’s home up and running.

It has to be said that this dollhouse is huge and if anything you will have the biggest trouble just hiding it around the Christmas tree amongst all the other presents. More than one child can play with it with ease. There are windows which open wide so that everyone playing can easily see inside the rooms from the outside. The Savannah Dollhouse is a really good option for siblings to be able to play with together.

There is some assembly required, which is quite simple. Everything required to assemble the house is included in the package, except for the screwdrivers. It may take a little while to put all the pieces together, but the resulting dollhouse construction is very sturdy. The instructions that are included are easy to read and will take you through step by step.

Children can play for hours with the Savannah Dollhouse because it offers so much. It is a very pretty house that is also very durable. The majority of reviewers are stating that the little girls who play with this dollhouse are genuinely thrilled. Another great feature is the fact that it fits regular sized Barbie dolls, a doll which many little girls over the age of three have at least one of already.

It won’t be long before all of your little girl’s dolls have moved into their new Savannah Dollhouse. It is big enough to fit them all. KidKraft quality is well known and respected and you can be sure of the fact that you are purchasing a lovely dollhouse that your children can enjoy for many years to come. This Christmas make your little girl squeal with delight when she unwraps this magical holiday gift.