Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor RC Helicopter

Imagine your son or daughter getting their first RC flying machine this Christmas and what better training machine would be this Mini Indoor RC Helicopter by Syma?

The Syma 3 channel S107 Indoor RC Helicopter would have to be one of the best indoor mini helicopters on the market at the moment. If you are a remote control helicopter fanatic, or just looking at getting into some remote controlled flying fun, this little marvel might just be the perfect one for you. Delivering great value for money, this RC helicopter is also a really great gift idea this holiday season.

This micro RC helicopter is packed with technology and features to keep you flying and having fun. There is no assembly required, so the recipient of this RC toy will be flying it literally out of the box.

Latest Gyroscope Technology

For those of you who don’t comprehend the technology and science that goes into such a toy, all you need to know is that remote controlled helicopters that have gyro are easier to fly. Basically, the gyro is a tiny device that detects when the helicopter starts to swing left or right (yaw) and it sends a command automatically to the tail rotor to stop or limit that yaw movement.

When you have multiple directional controls, as the Syma S107 does, you really need that gyro technology included to help keep you stabilized and in the air. Many RC helicopter enthusiasts often wonder how they flew their helicopters before Gyro was invented.

What The Reviewers Are Saying

Purchasers agree that this little helicopter is extremely easy to fly and is very stable. It goes backwards and forwards very easily and the vertical controls are precise and quick to respond.

It has been found to be very durable as well. Whether you are a beginner or advanced remote controlled helicopter flyer, there will be crashes. What you need is a helicopter that will survive these crashes and the Syma S107 will. It is very strong and well built, not one of those cheap plastic wonders. Almost the entire body is made of metal and the blades are hinged on the top rotor, allowing for give if they do hit anything.

Many are quite surprised at the value for money in this RC helicopter. This makes it a really great gift idea. The Syma S107 is also highly recommended as a top of the range beginner remote controlled helicopter. The fact that it is so easy to fly, and so durable, it is a really good mini helicopter to learn with.