WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Toy Review

WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur ToyToys have changed a lot over the previous decade and this one-of-a-kind, smart, intuitive robot is an excellent example. Reacting to hand motion signals, a unique Trackball or even a Smartphone application; you can train and also tame the robot in 3 different ways.

This robot has character and personality! Relying on just what mood the robot remains in, he will respond to your commands in different methods. Take him for a walk, feed him, play games together or watch him dance. This remarkable clever toy will provide hours of fun for the entire family.

Attributes of the WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Toy

– Responds to approximately 10 different hand motions/gestures
– Grows it’s intelligence gradually the more it is played with
– Includes Trackball which permits you to trigger various modes such as chase, dance and even feed
– Dual-wheel balancing guarantees smooth, simple motions
– Robots state of mind mirrors just how he responds. He could be delighted, annoyed or interested… this ever-changing state of mood gives him a wonderful personality.
– Can sense other MiP dinosaur robots close by
– Free Smartphone app permits you to tame and also educate the robot in numerous methods
– Comes with BeaconSense as well as GestureSense innovations
– Requires 4 AA batteries for the robot and 4 AAA batteries for the Trackball which typically aren’t included.

Is the WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Toy Worth Buying?

This smart and even intuitive robot is just one of one of the most sophisticated playthings on the marketplace. The modern play styles and robot feelings/personality make it truly stand out from all the competitors. Just how it replies to your commands depends totally on how it is feeling at that certain moment. It won’t merely react to your hand gestures immediately. You need to spend the time to train and even tame the dinosaur otherwise your hand motions might be neglected up until you’ve understood it.

But what’s really fantastic regarding this robot is that there is additionally an app that can be mounted on Smartphones as well as tablet computers, which offers additional communication. The trouble with a lot of interactive toys is that they don’t offer a lot in terms of range. So you wind up getting bored quite promptly. As there are 3 means to communicate with this toy, it does hold your interest a lot longer than many of its competitors.

Overall this is a charming yet extremely creative plaything robot that will offer a lot of home entertainment despite how old you are. It’s certain that Moms and Dads will want their turn “playing” with the WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur. Its dynamic play ability is also wonderful. When you buy this little robot, you can be sure it will keep you and even the kids amused for months on end.