Toy Insider Top Hot 20 Toys For Christmas 2011

The Toy Insider has been predicting what the hottest holiday toys will be for five years now with excellent results. There are a lot of parents who use the review as a guide to help choose which gift to buy their children. One of the best things about the Toy Insider top hot 20 for Christmas 2011 is that it covers a huge age range, and shows toys in a variety of prices. Keep reading to find out more about each of the toys on this list.

0-2 Years Of Age

For the very youngest tots, the Toy Insider top hot 20 for Christmas 2011 list includes the entertaining Let’s Rock Elmo (you can’t go wrong with a Sesame Street character, can you?), which will teach your child to sing along with Elmo and play their toy musical instruments. There’s also the very popular Pocoyo And Friends Swiggle Traks, the Playskool Poppin’ Park Eelefun Busy Ball Popper and the Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo… all of which will help your child learn more about a variety of animals and what they sound like.

3-5 Years Of Age

There are a ton of choices for this age bracket, and one of the huge hits is the Plasma Bike. This is a balance bicycle that’ll help kids develop those important balancing skills, but without the parents fretting about pedaling or using training wheels.

Along with the Plasma Bike, there are other highly recommended toys:
* LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet,
* Chuggington Interactive Railway Action Chugger,
* Lazer Stunt Chaser Doom’s Gate Ring and Ramp Set,
* Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset,
* Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Playset.

6-8 Years Of Age

For kids who are a bit older, things get even more fun and challenging. One gift that’ll prove fun and exciting for the whole family is the Redakai Championship Tin – a starter kit for the popular card game that comes with basic and advanced levels for kids and adults alike. Or maybe you’ve got an Angry Birds¬†fan in the house (maybe even some adults, right?)? No matter how old they are, the new Angry Birds plush toys are bound to be loved and cherished.

Other hot toy predictions for this 6-8 year age bracket include:
* Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage,
* Nerf Vortex Vigilon,
* FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy,
* Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack.

9 Years And Older

If you’re looking for a good gift for your tween then there are a couple of Toy Insider predictions that the whole family will be able to enjoy together. First is the uDraw Gametablet and tablet for the Nintendo Wii game console, letting you draw directly onto the tablet into the game, with a range of different coll effects. Another good option is the Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series. These microphones are all about having fun, and add plenty of effects to your voice as you sing, so your young girl or boy can start working on their karaoke stardom right now.

Other recommendations for hot tween gifts:
* LEGO Space Alien Mothership,
* Harry Potter – The Complete Cinematic Journey Trivia Game.

As you can see, there’s a toy or game to suit every child on the Toy Insider Hot 20 for Christmas 2011 predictions list. They’re all widely available online too, so shop around to grab the best price before these toys go out of stock. You can find most of them with the links within the post.