Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas the Tank Engine

The Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas The Tank Engine ride on is the perfect toy for toddlers who love trains. Not only that, but toddlers love their independence, and a ride on toy, such as this one, that is safe and enjoyable will be a hit with any little boy and his parents.

Features abound on this battery powered ride on toy that all combine to give your toddler the safest, yet most enjoyable ride possible. Watching your toddler climb onto things can be the most terrifying experience sometimes. With the Thomas the Tank Engine ride on, your toddler can safely climb aboard using the step-up sideboard footrests.

The ride is also secure and comfortable. The seat is contoured with a high back to safely keep your toddler in place during their ride. The handlebars are sized perfectly for little hands to grasp easily and maintain their grip.

Operation is simple, as it should be for toddlers learning to ride such a toy. One button is used for stop and go. There is only one speed, which the maximum is 2 miles per hour. A nice and steady speed that children can instantly feel comfortable with.

This little Thomas the Tank Engine can tackle almost any hard surfaces and grass areas. Your toddler will be off on adventures around the backyard in no time at all.

The Power Wheels Thomas the Tank Engine only goes forwards. Toddlers are probably not quite yet ready to grasp the concept and coordination required to move their ride-ons backwards so this keeps it simple for them. That is the next stage up in the Power Wheels range.

Reviewers of this product have found that it is very easy to assemble. That is the great thing about Power Wheels ride-on toys. They are built for longevity and durability. They have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they can stand up to any child’s rough play. It is not uncommon for younger brothers and sisters to take over the Power Wheels ride on toys as they grow up. So giving this as a Christmas present this holiday season is something that could be pasted down to siblings in the near future.

If you are looking for a reliable battery powered ride-on toy for your toddler this Christmas, then you want to make sure that you are choosing the right one. The Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas the Tank Engine is the perfect choice for any little boy (or girl!) who loves Thomas the Tank Engine, or just trains in general. This ride-on toy will be the centre of attention at any birthday party or on Christmas day.