Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent

Simple, yet effective design elements, make the Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent one of the most popular play tents on the market today. Consistently scoring five out of five stars from genuine purchasers, this beautiful play tent is certain to be one of your child’s favorite toys this holiday season.

Designed in the theme of a pretty cottage, the Cottage House Tent looks really beautiful with its soft colors and pretty landscape painted on the outside. Children can be taken away to any imaginary world that they desire when playing in and around this play tent.

The Cottage House Tent is one of the biggest play tents available. There is definitely plenty of room for children to play and adults to visit occasionally. Up to three children aged up to six years of age can very comfortable fit into the Cottage House and have their tea parties or play house.

Many children like to put a few pieces of furniture in their play tents, but are unable to because of the size. That is not the case with this play tent. Children are able to add things like a table and chairs and there is still plenty of room for them to play inside.

As already stated, this is a big play tent. So you do need to have the room to put it up. The great thing though is that it is very easy to pack away if you do need to quickly make room for visitors, or to clean up a room at the end of the day. It is just as easy to put up again as well. With a great color coded system to ensure you can get all the right bits together, you will never go wrong with assembly.

The construction of the Cottage House Tent is top notch. Pacific Play Tents have put years of research and testing into the development of their products and they all meet United States safety standards.

The material used on the walls and roof is a very strong 70 Denier nylon, and is very easy to clean with just a damp cloth and mild soap. There are ventilation panels in the roof to allow for good airflow and continued use on hot days. These panels are also very handy for parents to keep an eye on what children are up to inside their play tent.

Pacific Play Tents produces entire play systems whereby tunnels can be purchased that connect to other play tents and accessories. The Cottage House has a tunnel port, whereby a tunnel can be quickly and easily attached with strong velcro tabs.

For a really great price you can get a really robust and large playhouse for your children this Christmas. Kids can be tough on their toys and when you are looking to buy a play tent you will need one that will last the distance. The Cottage House Tent is a great buy, both for its features and price and any child would love to get this as a present this holiday season. It will provide hours of pretend play for children of all ages. A really great gift idea for any child this Christmas holiday season.

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