Holiday Last Minute Gift Buying Ideas

The Christmas countdown has begun and the days are flying off the calendar even faster than they normally do… or so it seems!

There are always quite a few people (us??) who have yet to start their Christmas present shopping and are feeling the preasure and worrying that they won’t find the gifts for everyone on their list… at least gifts that don’t look like they were spur of the moment thinking! But take note… GREAT gifts even in that eleventh hour!


  • Head over to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle of wine in the price range desired. Wrap it up in a nice wine bag or a lovely bow.
  • Pick up passes or tickets to a local attraction, such as an amusement park, aquarium or museum. Put together tickets for a play or production bundled up with the soundtrack or CD of that performance
  • Everyone loves food so a box of fine chocolates or one of those edible fruit arrangements will be a delightful and TASTY gift.
  • Fill a large bowl or ice bucket with a scooper, sprinkles, cherries or other toppings for making ice cream sundaes and place a gift certificate to your local ice cream shop in there with them.
  • Holiday seasonal gifts capture the essence of this time period… holiday music, ornaments or table decorations can be used this year and onward through the next years… a gift that continues to be remembered year after year.


  • Jump in to a local toy store or department store and pick up a cuddly stuffed animal.
  • For the older child, buy an art set full of paints and/or markers. If a complete set can’t be found, make an art bundle with a bunch of supplies that you’ve bundled together in a beautiful gift bag or box.
  • Choose an educational gift that is still fun… such as alphabet flash cards or puzzles. Or a subscription to a children’s magazine would be a gift that continues on through the whole year.
  • Kids love TV and if you were to get them a DVD of their favorite television characters they would definitely be very impressed. The DVDs should feature an age appropriate rating so you can make the right choice.


  • Teenagers can be finicky so money is a one-size-fits-all option.
  • Teenage girls may appreciate gift baskets of delicious scented lotions
  • Passes/Tickets for movies can make date night a lot less expensive
  • Consider a gift card or e-gift coupon for digital music downloads… such as iTunes
  • Give a subscription to a teen magazine so that they can stay up on all the gossip and news on their favorite celebrities

That should give you tons of ideas on finding that perfect last moment/last minute gift or present for all your special friends, neighbors, family or co-workers!