Barbie 4 Inch Folding Aluminum Scooter

Kids LOVE scooters and girls LOVE their Barbies so this Christmas if you are looking for the perfect gift for your little Barbie fan, then the Barbie 4 inch folding aluminum scooter is a great choice. If your little girl has been begging for a scooter like her older brother’s, but theirs are so boyish, then this pink and purple scooter will truly delight.

Are there any little girls who don’t love all things pink and purple and Barbie? Probably not! We all know the classic Barbie colors of pink and purple, and these have been included in this really pretty and bright design. The Barbie logo has been painted onto the aluminum footdeck and all over the rest of the scooter are some very pretty flower decorations.

This scooter is suitable for children aged five and above. It is a really good choice for any beginner scooter rider, or as an upgrade from the three wheel type scooters. It is also quick and easy to fold away for storage and very light so that it can be easily carried by its rider if required.

To prevent rusting, the entire scooter has been painted. The wheels are 4 inches in size and clear. The handle bar has padded foam grips which can be easily detached and clipped to the side when the scooter is folded down for storage.

The fender on the rear is also a foot brake to ensure safe stopping. The handlebar can be adjusted to perfectly fit your child’s height. They do grow after all, the children that is.

The Barbie Folding Aluminum Scooter is a really great tool to promote healthy exercise for children. If your little girl is spending a bit too much time playing indoors with their Barbie dolls, a Barbie scooter might just be the answer to getting them up and about and exercising. It also gives little girls the opportunity to join older children in their scooter play.

For those who really love Barbie, there are also a lot of great safety helmets available. It is very important that scooter riders, of all ages, wear some kind of safety gear. A great Christmas present for example would include a helmet and knee and elbow pads. We should always protect our little ones from the big spills.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a really good quality scooter for a child. The Barbie Folding Aluminum Scooter will bring a smile to any little girls face especially this Christmas. With a bit of mastery, they will be scooting around with the best scooter riders in the neighborhood, on a well built, yet lightweight pink and purple scooter. What more could a little girl want this Christmas?