Baby Alive Learns To Potty

Baby Alive Learns To Potty is a lifelike doll that is going to become your little girl’s new best friend and will be a favorite Christmas present this year. Baby Alive continue to release gorgeous dolls that children all over the world adore and spend many hours role playing with them.

Children love interactive toys, and Baby Alive Learns To Potty is one of the most realistic and interactive dolls on the market today. She can talk, and her lips move whilst she is talking and she blinks her eyes. These features are pretty standard for a lot of lifelike dolls available today.

There are some features that make Baby Alive Learns To Potty different from all the others… the fact that she really eats, drinks and uses the potty. Just like a real toddler the realism is amazing.

The interactivity is also taken a step further in that she does not just ask for food or a sleep, she will also ask your child to give her a hug, sing songs and play.

Children can learn all about potty training, dady to day caring for an infant and the attention and love that a baby needs with this gorgeous little doll. After each feed, Baby Alive will tell your child that she has to use the potty. If your child sits her on the little potty that is included with this doll in time, she will really use it.

If your child waits a bit too long to seat her on the potty, she will tell them that she has had an accident. Then your child will have to change her diaper and clean her with the extra wipes and diaper that are also included with Baby Alive.

The most amazing thing about this doll is that she actually gets better and better at using the potty, just like a real toddler. After her second feed, she will ask to use the potty twice before an accident occurs. After her third feed, she will ask three times, and so on. This feature can be reset if you child wants to start the potty training from the beginning again.

Reviews are consistently positive for Baby Alive Learns To Potty. She is an educational doll that has assisted many toddlers in becoming interested in learning how to use the potty themselves. Kids love her because she talks and interacts with them in so many different ways. The days of playing with a simple doll are probably well and truly over. Your child will truly have an interactive playmate this Christmas.

There are a few things that pareents should be aware of before the purchase. Probably the most discussed negative about this doll is the work required to clean her up. She does require an extra feed after eating her special food to thoroughly clean out her insides and keep her functioning effectively. Parents may need to spend a lot of time having to supervise the potty times.

There are a few ways around this though. You can keep the feeds at a pretend stage. Take the food out of the packaging. If you never tell your child, they probably won’t ever know the full capabilities of this doll. The other way around this is to only ever feed her water from her bottle and bowl. This way she will still physically use the potty, but the mess is a lot less.

Baby Alive Learns To Potty is a really lovely doll that children are going to enjoy. It can teach children the basics of potty training in a fun and interactive way. She is a great role playing doll that can encourage nurturing in children. This Baby Alive doll is one of the most popular in the entire range, and will certainly be a hit if you buy one as a gift this season.

This Christmas consider a truly interactive and very realistic toddler doll gift for your child. The lessons learned by looking after it may be extremely beneficial for your own child’s potty training.