Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter RC Helicopter

If you or your child are into remote controlled helicopters, then the Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter is one that should be on your list this Christmas holiday season. Just recently released in 2010, this is Air Hog’s first ever missile launching remote controlled helicopter. Imagine the fun that they can have with the Sharp Shooter as a present this Christmas

Air Hogs have been producing remote controlled helicopters, planes, motorbikes and rockets, just to name a few, since 1999. They now have a very genuine following, which is only going to increase with the release of their new stabilizing technology. Now these remote controlled flying devices have built in software that can detect flight instability and make automatic adjustments to the rotor rotation that will keep your craft balanced and in the air.

The Air Hogs Sharp Shooter includes this technology for stabilizing and balance. This gives you more time to enjoy your flight experience. This is important because with the Sharp Shooter you will be able to focus on aiming and shooting your missiles.

With this RC helicopter you can set up an entire battleground in your room. Set up targets and shoot them at the touch of a button. Maybe you could have a fellow Sharp Shooter owner join you in battle, or battle each other. Hours of fun are to be had with the Air Hogs newest edition, the Sharp Shooter.

It is easy to locate your targets and shoot. There is a red LED locator to help you lock in your target. Once lined up all you need to do is press the button on the remote control to fire a missile. The great thing with this is the fact that the 2 missiles fire independently. So if you miss with one, you can turn around and line up your desired target to try again.

The Sharp Shooter is recommended for ages eight and above, however because it is so easy to use, there are children younger than that who are able to fly it with ease. It won’t run away from the operator as easily as some other models do. It also hovers very nicely. This would make it a great choice as a first RC helicopter to learn on and make a fabulous Christmas gift. The shooting function is a great added bonus.

Children and adults are thoroughly enjoying their Air Hogs Sharp Shooters. With the advent of the stabilizing technology, things are only going to get better in the RC helicopter world. This one is a great gift idea for any remote controlled helicopter enthusiast.